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Fill in the blank space with these words: "IMAGINE - J. Lennon" / What a wonderful world - L. Armstrong , etc...and
then click "SEARCH.
4 versions of some of the world most famous songs will appear. Choose one . Listen careffully to the songs and try to understand their beautiful lyrics.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it! They are some of the prettiest songs ever.
You'll never forget them!
See you soon!

sábado, outubro 14

Informação a todos os que trabalham nesta escola

A autora deste blogue , a professora Maria do Rosário Barros, concorreu e já não pertence ao quadro desta escola!

segunda-feira, novembro 17

I'm back!

Did you miss me ? I missed  you A LOT !
See you soon! 

quarta-feira, novembro 20

Aviso Urgente

Olá amigos e amigas!
Lamento só agora ter oportunidade de informar, mas o tempo não chega para tudo....
Este blogue irá estar desactivado, por tempo indeterminado, em virtude de não me encontrar a leccionar na EBI de S. Bruno, pois fui destacada pela Srª Directora de Agrupamento para o Centro Educativo Padre António de Oliveira - CEPAO.
Estou a trabalhar com jovens " em risco" e tudo está a correr bem, mas tenho de confessar que sinto enormes saudades dos meus alunos e alunas, sobretudo daqueles que me encheram o coração !
A todos o meu obrigada e até sempre.

terça-feira, maio 28

Prepositions of movement

Macaco rindo - Recados e Imagens para orkut, facebook, tumblr e hi5

Click on the image above.
Do the suggested exercises. Choose the correct option.
Check your answers !

Prepositions of movement

Gatinho motoqueiro - Recados e Imagens para orkut, facebook, tumblr e hi5

Click on the image above and do the suggested exercises.
Good luck!



Click on the picture above and do the gap filling exercises.

(prepositions of movement, by Cristina
Find this and other prepositions exercises in English Exercises .org )

Worksheets - Simple Past - Past continuous

Click on the picture.
Choose the exercises acoording to the list on the right.
Check your answers.
Good Luck!

Grammar exercises

Past Simple or Past Continuous Worksheet

Fill each gap with a verb in either the past simple or past continuous tense.

1. Helen ____________ (do) her weekly shopping when she ____________ (meet) her old friend, June.
2. The sun ____________ (shine) when I ____________ (get) up this morning. I ____________ (feel) so tired!
3. Jim ____________ (wait) at one airport while Max ____________ (wait) at the other. What a disaster!
4. It ____________ (rain) very hard, so the referee ____________ (decide) not to play the match.
5. When the police ____________ (arrive) at the party, the music ____________ (play) very loud and everybody ____________ (shout).
6. The mail ____________ (arrive) very late today. It ____________ (come) after eleven o'clock.
7. Joan ____________ (become) very angry this morning. She ____________ (speak) to an important client and someone ____________ (enter) the room without knocking.
8. Hank ____________ (cook) in the kitchen. His sister ____________ (offer) to help but Hank ____________ (refuse).

asking questions - four tenses

Click on the gif above and open the interactive book.
Pay special attention to the exercises on pages 12 to 17.

Past Simple - Interactive book

Click on the image above and open the interactive book.
Listen, repeat, read and write
Check your exercises